Bases of wool and the dyeing process





The wool bases that I use to for dyeing are natural and come from farms that do not practice mulesing (animal cruelty):

Some of the bases have the superwash treatment which means that they can be washed in the washing machine. However, we always recommend hand washing traditionally dyed wool to prolong the useful life of the colors.

The indicated needle size is a suggestion. Depending on the project and your knit tension ,you should choose the size of needles that suits you best.



Bases y proceso de teñir

70% baby alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere, hand wash

400m / 100gr (fingering)

Needles: 3-3.5mm

Mulesing free

Origin: Peru, Mongolia

Our ALPACA is an extremely delicate and soft fiber. The cashmere and silk content guarantees a pleasure and comfort for the most sensitive skins. Ideal for all garments and accessories.

Seda 40


bases-y-proceso-de-tenir-madejas-feliz-y-punto-seda-4060% Merino, 40% Maulbeer silk; 4 ply

425m / 100gr (fingering)

Needles: 2.5-3.5mm

Mulesing free

Origin: Peru

SEDA 40 is a yarn with a special shine due to its high silk content. It is perfect for all types of garments and shawls with a touch of luxury. Hand wash.

Hand wash.



Bases y proceso de teñir de lanas de Feliz y Punto.100% merino superwash (anti-felting treatment), 4 ply

400m / 100gr (fingering)

Needles: 2- 3.5mm

Mulesing free

Origin: Argentina and Uruguay

Our MERINO SOCK is very soft and offers a high stitch definition. The absorption of the dye is incredible, with which the colors stand out for their great luminosity. Ideal for all types of garments.

Sock 25


bases-y-proceso-de-teñir-de-madejas-feliz-y-punto75% merino superwash (anti-felting treatment), 25% nylon

425m / 100gr (fingering)

Needles: 2-3,5mm

Mulesing free

Origin: Argentina and Uruguay

SOCK 25 is soft merino wool with a beautiful twist. The small content of synthetic fiber makes it more durable, making it ideal for socks and accessories.

Singles Merino


Bases y proceso de teñir100% merino superwash (anti-felting treatment)

366m / 100gr, (fingering)

Needles: 2.5-3.5mm

Mulesing free

Origin: Argentina and Uruguay

SINGLES MERINO is a soft single plied yarn with a beautiful twist that offers a beautiful touch. Perfect for all types of drafts, your knit accessories or other garments.



Bases y proceso de teñir de lanas Feliz y Punto.100% merino superwash (anti-felting treatment)

300m / 100gr (sport)

Needles: 3,25-4mm

Mulesing free

Origin: Argentina and Uruguay

SPORT a 3 plie yarn with a beautiful high twist. This base offers beautiful colors and its texture allows a clear stitch definition. A perfect option for all kinds of accessories and knitwear.

DK Merino


bases-y-proceso-de-teñir100% merino superwash (anti-felting treatment)

225m / 100gr (dk)

Needles: 3.75 -4.5mm

Mulesing free

Origin: Peru

DK MERINO is soft and bouncy yarn. It is ideal for accessories and garments for adults and children and babies.

The dyeing process


Feliz y Punto’s yarns are totally handcrafted.

I pre-wash our yarns to remove lanolin and any dust that may have been caught during the spinning stage.

When the undyed hanks are delivered to me, I store them carefully, in dry conditions and away from light. I only dye in small batches. Although for each colorway dyes and process are the same, every skein is unique.

I use non toxic acid dyes and a food grade citric acid as our setting agent. All the dye is exhausted from the dye pots so that there is zero nasty stuff being poured into the drains. Citric acid also looses its potency as it helps the dye absorb into the fibers. Water is often re-used to also minimize the water usage and wastage.

After the dye process is completed, our freshly dyed yarn takes a long nice soak in gentle wool wash to ensure all that citric acid water is scrupulously rinsed from the yarn. Our yarn is now super clean and super soft and is ready for your crafty hands.

You can have almost all colors in almost all wool bases. Visit our Personalized skein!


Bases y proceso de teñir de madejas Feliz y Punto