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All skeins are made to order which can take between 5 to 10 working days.

CAMSE is a blend of baby camel hair (the finest part ) and mulberry silk that results in a truly decadent and magical yarn.

Camel hair is hollow, which means it is very light but extremely insulating. The habitat of camels is very cold in winter and hot in summer, and their fur protects them from both ends. Both the properties of silk and camel hair make this yarn a perfect ally for any time of the year. Camel fibers are generally thinner than most merino wool, resulting in a soft and delicate yarn that does not easily felt. It is comparable to cashmere in its properties.

When knitting, Camse glides effortlessly into needles or crochet. Silk adds a subtle sheen to the set and adds draping to the finished garment.

Each skein is dyed individually or in small batches with professional acid dyes. Every skein is
unique and different.

To ensure a random distribution of color in large projects, we recommend working with
two skeins of yarn at a time, alternating every few rows each skein.
Keep in mind that sometimes the colors in the images can vary depending on the monitors, although
we do our best to photograph the skeins accurately.

Composition: 50% baby camel, 50% mulberry silk
Weight: 100g/ 466 m
Needles: 3 mm-3.75mm
Mulesing and chemical treatment free
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Care: We recommend washing by hand with an appropriate detergent the hand-dyed yarns to extend the useful life of their colors. Do not twist, block gently and dry in the shade.



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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 4 cm

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